Maulana Rumi

"Raise your words, not your voice. It's the rain that grows flowers, not the thunder.

In the Page we are building a platform for artists, journalists and poets from Afghanistan, who are not able to live with their art in their home country. They were shown in several exhibitions and for you to be seen exclusively here.

The Idea

We thought about building a platform for art and cultural education in exchange between Afghanistan and the "West".
A lot of beauty and cruelty was shown.

„Penresistance“ gives voice and is a right for freedom. We like to give opportunities to those who live suppressed and can not show their voice through exhibitions and lectures. All pictures may be purchased by contacting the artists directly or over the website‘s mail address given. Let's give artists a chance to create an own way of showing what they think is right, to have financial perspectives and to show ways of being more independent. We invite you to follow us.


We all can see Afghanistan right now has been more or less forgotten.

We know a lot about the struggle and fear each of the artists have, and it is urgent to establish an international network to stand up for and support Afghanistan and its people.

After the sudden troop withdrawal of the NATO countries and the new government May 2021 there was no perspective left for Afghan civil society to stand up for their rights and practice their lives like before. Due to political indifference and the hurdles of bureaucracy Western partners have consistently failed to protect and evacuate individuals as thousands of directly threatened people remained back in Afghanistan until now.
Human rights are not met. People live in hunger and fear.

Some of the people are now being threatened or even have already been killed. As German government still fails to establish a federal admission program and adapt evacuations to the constantly changing conditions in Afghanistan, we have to find other ways to take actions.
We need all of your support.

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Samir Az
Afghan Artist

"I will always fight for freedom for my people, as long as I can, I will breathe with my pen. I can convey their pain to the world and the international organization through art. I hope they can't cut off my hands..."

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Freshta Ebrahim

Try, you tired child, to be able to sleep peacefully Although your share of the world is the same
Try, you are not alone and do not despair
Try, one day all these games will end.

About the Curator

Juli B., medical student, activist and human rights activist and initiator of the exhibition, asked individual cases of support in Afghanistan in the fight against the Taliban terror regime and what they wanted.
The main point was that people felt trapped and robbed of their expression.

Depriving a person of their voice is like trying to silence the soul. Of course, artists in Afghanistan are not only silenced, they are also facing many difficulties. In the exhibition "Art in Resistance" these people are able to report about their life. The events and exhibitions all over Germany intend that their art won’t be forgotten and the platform functions to give them hope. In addition, Juli B. and Ahmad were planning the education of Afghan women, the integration of Afghans in the European Organization for Integration and a project to promote cooperation between Afghan doctors and psychologists and German doctors and psychologists. First information you can get under "education".

All that work here until now do it completely honorary and every cent that can be achieved through donations, picture sales or sponsors goes to those where the art works come from. In the following link of the magazine "Szene Hamburg" you can read more about Juli B.:

She also works together with the initiative "afghanischer Aufschrei" Düsseldorf as well as the "Refugee Support Project" of the AStA of Hochschule Düsseldorf and Afghans.

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